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Licence to Control

What is the Licence to Control (Bronze Award) Scheme?

The Water Control Room Forum (W-CRF) identified a need for the development of a competence framework specifically for Water Utilities Control Room staff across England, Scotland and Wales.


The Licence to Control (Bronze Award) Scheme has been designed to accredit and recognise the skills and knowledge required to operate in a water control room operations environment. The Bronze Award is the first of three awards for water control room staff (Silver and Gold are still to be finalised). The scheme requirements are derived from the Control Room Operations Competence Framework, and it is aimed at individuals working at operative level carrying out scheduled work and responding to incidents.

The scheme sets out to provide consistent standards which clearly define expectations in terms of performance and knowledge of individuals completing operative control room tasks. The scheme rules set out minimum requirements for programme size and core content, but allow for significant flexibility for organisations to fashion programme design and delivery according to their own needs and requirements.



 For those working in water company control room environments:

  • Helps clarify workforce management and development.

  • Harmonises skills and knowledge development.

  • Supports clearer career progression and greater transferability of skills between roles and companies.

  • Creates a minimum standard of ongoing competence for a role(s).


 Registration is based on successful completion of a training programme and assessment, delivered by a water company approved by Energy & Utility Skills. EUSR registration for Licence to Control is for 3 years from the date of completion of assessment.

Competency Framework

Water companies across the three nations have collaborated to develop this new competency framework specifically for Control Room staff which will:

  • Standardise training and assessment of Control Room Operatives across all water companies

  • Support training and development of new and existing staff to aid succession planning

  • Help with the challenges associated with the movement of staff

  • Provide a formal route to registration on EUSR for Control Room Operatives

A brochure providing a snapshot of the competency framework is available to download here.

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