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Steering Committee

This group of dedicated individuals has been entrusted with the responsibility to act on behalf of the membership on all matters related to achieving the objectives and benefits of the W-CRF. As part of their duties, they advise and direct the administrator as appropriate in carrying out his/her functions and determine policy with regard to the future development of the W-CRF. They also oversee all financial matters relating to the administration of the W-CRF, including setting annual membership fees. Their goal is to ensure that the W-CRF is run efficiently and effectively while meeting the needs of their members. The group are committed to providing transparency and accountability in all of our actions and decisions. W-CRF invite you to contact us to learn more about what we do. Thank you for your support of the W-CRF.

The above is encapsulated in the W-CRF Steering Group Charter

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